April 30, 2010

UBEST networking at Davis, CA

Excited to be having our first UBEST meeting with Greg Crowther on the Davis campus. We will be consulting with Carl Winter, Dave Nachmanoff, Arnold Bloom, Petr Janata, Elaine Fingerett, Laura Sandage, Katie Henry, Norm Milstein and other local scientists and songwriters.

Note Elaine Fingerett has organized a songwriting workshop as part of Oak Discovery Day at the UCD arboretum this Sunday:

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  1. At 2:00pm, this Sunday, May 2, local singer-songwriter DAVE NACHMANOFF will lead a songwriting session on oaks for folks of all ages. Come join us!

    Come to the UCD Arboretum Shields Oak Grove from 1-4pm for many more activities at our Oak Discovery Day.


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