June 10, 2010

Science Song of the Week #3

One reason to use science songs as educational tools is that they are a form of advertising, with "hooks" to grab people's attention.

Much to my delight, two biotech companies have taken this idea and run with it, creating very catchy science songs that showcase their expertise and products. First, in January 2008, Bio-Rad released Scientists for Better PCR.

As if in response to this bit of Bio-Rad brilliance, Eppendorf put forth its own ad-in-a-song a few months later: It's Called epMotion.

In case it isn't obvious how much effort went into producing these pieces, the following featurettes dutifully chronicle the application of makeup, positioning of cameras, and so forth.
Behind the Scenes: "Scientists for Better PCR"
The making of "It's Called epMotion"

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