July 15, 2010

Science Song of the Week #8 ... en Espanol!

This week, your faithful correspondent happens to be in Tres Cantos (literally, "Three Songs"), making him wonder about the existence and prevalence of science songs in Spanish. Not being the most worldly sort, he is currently aware of only a handful: a few tracks from La Tierra y el Mar by the Banana Slug String Band, and the following piece from Carl Winter:
Mantenga Bien La Comida

I once saw Carl perform this live, and he sort of apologized for the fact that, unlike most of his other songs, it isn't particularly humorous. "I don't know how to be funny in Spanish," he explained. Personally, though, I crack up at the lines "Yo no soy descuidado, yo no soy descuidado, soy profesor." I'm not careless, no sir -- I'm a PROFESSOR!

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