July 23, 2010

Songs from the Science Frontier

...And speaking of frontiers, Oklahoma singer/singwriter Monty Harper is working on a recording project that he calls Songs From the Science Frontier. For the past couple of years, Monty has been hosting Born to do Science meetings at which professional scientists speak to children about their research. These talks are somewhat unusual in that the scientists tell the kids what they do in the lab from day to day rather than simply reciting a bunch of general facts on their research topic. Monty has written a set of songs based largely upon the talks and now hopes to get them recorded with the help of a first-class producer and band.

In general, I want to avoid turning this blog into a series of ads for new products. However, based the novelty of Monty's program and the extensive unpaid work he has already put into science outreach, I think that Songs From the Science Frontier is worth mentioning here.

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